Monday 18 September 2017

Drama Cool New Vidoes

Columbia released their new drama film called "The Social Network" into movie theaters a while back. I agree with the professional movie critic's perfect positive assessment of this film. It showed good,drama-filled,informative scenes about the real life story of Facebook's beginnings. The film stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin DramaCool New Vidoes, Andrew Garfield, Joe Mazzello,and Rashida Jones.

The film revolved around the real life story of Facebook's founder Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg),along with the people he worked with when they first started. It showed how Mark built a popular website before Facebook that drew 22,000 hits in 2 hours. It was a website that allowed people to rate which woman was Drama Cool New Vidoes looking out of two choices.

Mark ran into a few problems with his site because he hacked all the pictures from Harvard's database,and got put on academic probation for the action. It was an interesting story to learn. Eventually, Mark was approached by a few college students who were very impressed with his work on the popular site,and they wanted his help to launch an idea they had about a social networking site that only Harvard students would have access to. Mark liked the idea and agreed to give them his help. The plan was to call it "The Harvard Drama Cool New Vidoes."

Mark eventually decides that he had a bigger vision for their plan,and decided to launch his own version of the idea,which caused "The Facebook" to be born. Mark teamed up with his best friend and co-founder Eduardo Saverin (Andrew Garfield). Eduardo provided the funding for the idea,while Mark did all the difficult,technical programming that makes all the Drama Cool New Vidoes Facebook features work.

After Facebook got more successful, they met up with Sean Parker,and he helped Facebook to become a business,and also told Mark to drop the "The" and just call it "Facebook." After that, conflicts arose between Eduardo and Mark because Eduardo got shoved more into the background,and he eventually got shoved out of Facebook. availabe blog Drama Cool New Vidoes

Eventually, the students who approached Mark with the original social network idea,filed a lawsuit against him,claiming that he stole their idea. Eduardo also filed a lawsuit for his stock getting devalued. The movie went into the lawsuit aspect in very good detail. It showed some great drama. I totally liked this movie. I thought it was very interesting to find out about how much drama took place during the beginning Drama Cool New Vidoes of Facebook.

I think Justin Timberlake did an awesome playing the Sean Parker role. Jesse Eisenberg really enveloped Mark Zuckerberg's mannerisms to a tee. I also liked the performance of the new Spider-Man 4 actor Andrew Garcia as character Eduardo. It was my first time seeing him on the big screen. I gave the movie a perfect A Drama Cool New Vidoes.